Technical Name Noninvasive ultrasound for brain disease diagnosistreatment
Project Operator Chang Gung Medical Foundation
Project Host 魏國珍
This technique uses non-invasive transcranial focused ultrasound combined with neuronavigation system to guide the target of focused ultrasound for blood-brain barrier opening. For brain disease treatment, it can enhance drug delivery. For diagnosis, it can promote the release of brain signals into the blood stream to enhance the efficiency of liquid biopsy. This technique uses ultrasound to assist the diagnosistreatment of brain diseases, with great potential for future application.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technique uses focused ultrasound to increase the permeability of brain blood vesselsopen the blood-brain barrier for drug delivery. It can also enhance brain biomarkers released to blood stream for liquid biopsy. The innovative use of neuronavigation system helps to precisely targetdeliver ultrasound energy,real-time monitor the effect on the target area. This technology serves as a platform for novel adjuvant therapies for brain disease diagnosistreatment.
Industrial Applicability
This medical device is used to deliver focused ultrasound energy to brain target areas for various therapeuticdiagnostic applications. The device enhances drug delivery to brain, creating collaboration opportunities with pharmaceutical companies for the developmentpromotion of new drugs. In medical institutions, healthcare professionals can use it for drug administrationdiagnostic procedures, potentially becoming a common medical device for brain disease treatment in the future.
Keyword Focused ultrasound Neuronavigation system Noninvasive Blood brain barrier Brain drug delivery Brain tumor Sonodynamic therapy Radiotherapy Liquid biopsy Biomarkers
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