Technical Name Recovery of Heavy Metals in Wastewater by Fluidized Bed Homogeneous Crystallization Technology
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 盧明俊
Fluidized bed homogeneous crystallization technology effectively removes heavy metal ions from wastewater, realizing the treatment advantages of pollutant removalrecycling in fluidized bed crystallization technology. It has a higher dehydration efficiency that can reduce nearly 300 kg carbon dioxide emissions per ton compared to the sludge produced by traditional chemical precipitation methods.
Scientific Breakthrough
There are three breakthroughs: (1)This technology is the only global homogeneous crystallization technology (2) Under normal temperaturepressure, no additional carbon emission will be increased, it can achieve truly high-efficiency carbon emission reduction. (3) The obtained products are high-quality crystal grains, with a water content of less than 5a purity of more than 99.5, which can be recycled as various raw materials
Industrial Applicability
Fluidized bed homogeneous crystallization technology can remove heavy metals from wastewaterconvert them into recyclable metal salt crystals. It is applicable to industries such as metallurgy, chemistry,electronics. The economic benefits include resource recoveryreuse, cost savings, compliance with environmental regulations,enhancement of corporate imagemarket competitiveness. It can improve environmental performance,keep a positive environmental image.
Keyword heavy metals wastewater treatment fluidized bed crystallization resource recovery printed circuit boards electroplating sludge treatment copper nickel
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