Technical Name Ultrasound diagnostic imaging system for pediatric fatty liver
Project Operator Chang Gung University
Project Host 崔博翔
The proposed ultrasound diagnostic imaging system for pediatric fatty liver has built-in ultrasound backscattering analysis core technique, which uses the weight generationlinear combination of various scattering analysis models to establish scatteromics indicators to realize the diagnosis of fatty liver in childrenthe detection of liver fibrosis risk in children with significant fatty liver disease. This technology is the world's first ultrasound liver specialty diagnosis system for children with fatty liverliver fibrosis through a single integrated index.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology is the first to develop scatteromics to realize the ultrasonic diagnosis system of fatty liver in children. The algorithm consists of homodyned-K statistical model, Nakagami statistical model,information theory entropy as microstructure indicators based on ultrasonic backscattered signals. The linear combination of the above three parameters is carried out through Fisher's linear discriminant analysis, so that the scatteromics values have the ability to grade fatty liverliver fibrosis under the adjustment of weights,realize the diagnosis of the disease process of children from fatty liver to liver fibrosis.
Industrial Applicability
This technology develops an ultrasound imaging diagnosis system for fatty liver in children through scatteromics, with hospital specialties (gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pediatrics, family medicine, metabolism), smallmedium-sized hospitals, clinics,health examination units as the main customer base. In addition, this technology is constructed based on an open system, so in the future, cloud computing, digital therapy, wearable devices, personalized health platforms,integration of medicalinformation technology can be combined with the proposed technique to establish industry applications related to personal precision health.
Keyword fatty liver hepatic steatosis liver fibrosis pediatric obesity metabolic syndrome precise medicine health management ultrasound medical imaging ultrasound backscattering
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