Technical Name 針內超音波-麻醉探針
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 江惠華
"Intra-needle ultrasound - anesthesia probe provides an innovative way to puncture preciselysafely in thoracic regional anesthesia, especially for high BMI patients.
In clinical practice, the anesthetic techniques are performed under ultrasound-guidance.
The unmet medical need is to resolve the difficulty in needle tip imaging for high BMI patients. This technique provides an innovative way for pleura identification, tracking, distance measuring,early warning in real-time. It greatly reduces the risk of pleural puncturepneumothorax,improves the safety."
Scientific Breakthrough
"The core techniques of the 'Intra-needle ultrasound - anesthesia probe' are:
(1) The needle transducer is embedded in an 18 G puncture needle, to provide real-time insertion guiding.
(2) Discover the blinking characteristics of pleuraas a positioning biomarker in puncture.
(3) Provide precise positioning, axial resolution 0.15 mm, pinpoint the position of needle tip to pleura.
This technique not only resolves the difficulty of thoracic regional anesthesia, but also improves its safety. Moreover, it removes the limitation of the procedure for obesity patients."
Industrial Applicability
'Intra-needle ultrasound - anesthesia probe' significantly improves the safety of thoracic regional anesthetic procedures,resolves the difficulty in pinpointing the needle tip location in thoracic regional anesthesia. This technique greatly reduces the difficulty of thoracic regional anesthesia, shortens the hospitalization days,lifts the limitation of the procedure for obese patients. It provides a win-win solution for patients, doctors,insurance companies. We estimate the new device would create US$ 200M revenue in the global market,benefits up to one million patients.
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Keyword Regional anesthesia Paravertebral block(PVB) Intercostal nerve block(ICNB) Ultrasonography Ultrasound guidance Positioning Intra-needle ultrasound Anesthesia probe Pneumothorax Obesity
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