Technical Name Waterproof Multifunctional Energy Textile for Universally Collecting Energy from Raindrops, Wind,Human Motionsas Self‐Powered Sensors
Operator National Chung Hsing University
Booth Smart machinerynovel materials
Technical Description The first waterproof fabric-based multifunctional triboelectric nanogenerator that can produce electricity from natural tiny impacts (rainswinds)body movements is presented. It can not only serve as a flexible, adaptive, wearable,universal energy collector but also act as a self-powered fabric-based interface. This multifunctional yet nimble energy device can provide new vision for decentralized, remote,wearable energy technologies.
Scientific Breakthrough This is the first demonstration of single energy device that can scavenge energy from both natural tiny impactshuman motions, together with the advantages of waterprooffabric characteristics. The merits enable to break the limitations from forms, water,weathers to collect various energy resources, largely broadening the using spectrum of energy devices in either alternativewearable energy uses.
Industrial Applicability The new fabric-based energy device can not only enlighten the development of decentralizedremote energy but also promote a new-generation wearable energytechnology. All of the processesmaterials of the device are suitable for industrial manufacturing, which can be largely benefit for the practical decentralizedwearable energy use.
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