Technical Name Development of Long-Distance Multi-Camera 8K VR Real-Time Transmission for IoT Applications Using Artificial Intelligence
Operator National Taiwan University
Technical Description This project is to implement a 37-40 GHz mmWave transceiver supporting 4096 QAM modulationis utilized for long-distance 4K/8K real-time image data transmission. The 37-40GHz band is divided into 500 channels,the AI technology is used for the TRx to carry out digital calibration. The achievement is TRx module (SoC/SiP)would be installed on the UAV for wildlife resources monitoring.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Long-distancemulti-camera4K/8KVRreal-timeimagedatatransmission.2. 37-40 GHz mm Wave transceiver (TRx) supporting 4096 QAM modulation with AI digital calibration for high-data rate transmission.
Industrial Applicability 1. mm-Wave Backhaul2. long-distance 4K/8K VR real-time image data transmission3. High-speed wireless communications4. IoTbig data processing5. Real time image monitoring
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