Technical Name Development of Long-Distance Multi-Camera 8K VR Real-Time Transmission for IoT Applications Using Artificial Intelligence
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 王暉
This project is to implement a 37-40 GHz mmWave transceiver supporting 4096 QAM modulationis utilized for long-distance 4K/8K real-time image data transmission. The 37-40GHz band is divided into 500 channels,the AI technology is used for the TRx to carry out digital calibration. The achievement is TRx module (SoC/SiP)would be installed on the UAV for wildlife resources monitoring.
Scientific Breakthrough
1.	Long-distancemulti-camera4K/8KVRreal-timeimagedatatransmission.
2.	37-40 GHz mm Wave transceiver (TRx) supporting 4096 QAM modulation with AI digital calibration for high-data rate transmission.
Industrial Applicability
1.	mm-Wave Backhaul
2.	long-distance 4K/8K VR real-time image data transmission
3.	High-speed wireless communications
4.	IoTbig data processing
5.	Real time image monitoring
Keyword IoT (Internet of Things) 4096 QAM Modulation 8K image UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) SiP (System in Package) VR (Virtual Reality) Millimeter Wave TRx AI SoC (System on Chip) Wildlife Resources Monitoring
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