Technical Name 因應超越摩爾時代之智慧終端微機電環境感測器集成
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 方維倫
"In this project, the proposed technologies of Environment Sensing Hub including:
(1)	Air sensing hub:integrate H/T/P sensor, PM 2.5 sensorwireless multiplexing module for system-on-package (SiP)system-on-chip (SoC)
(2)	Water sensing hub:heavy metal ion sensor (modules integration, startup company), spectrochip (systems integration, startup company)"
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"(1)	Air sensing hub: This sensing hubs features real-time data acquisition, provides stablecorrect environmental information,cooperates with the wireless transmission system to further improve the efficiency, reduce the size,expand the application field. Also by leveraging the mature CMOS platform, the device of SoCSiP are both realized.
(2)	Water sensing hub:The heavy metal ion sensing device has passed the long-term effective analysis verification,the micro spectroscopy is now ready to enter the commercialization stage."
Industrial Applicability
In this project, the smart sensing hub adjustably integrates different sensing modules according to different application scenario, quickly capture the required environmental informationfeedback in real time. And therefore smart individuals, smart homes, smart industriessmart cities all could be accomplished, through integration of advanced semiconductor technology, desired sensors, IoT, signal processing ICwireless transmission technology in one system, in order to improve the quality of lifemaintain human health.
Matching Needs
Keyword Environment sensing hub Air sensing hub Water sensing hub H/T/P sensor Infrared sensor Noise sensor (microphone) PM 2.5 sensor Heavy metal ion sensor Spectrochip
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