Technical Name Intelligent Energy Management and Power Regulation Technique for Microgrid with Optimization of Power Generation, Storage, and Consumption
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 陳正一
The intelligent energy system is to integrate the decentralized power generation system and the adjacent power load into a small power system (microgrid) with grid connection or island operation capability, which is combined with power regulation system and energy storage equipment. It has the functions of stabilizing voltage and frequency, effectively introducing renewable energy into the regional power supply system, and regulating the peak power. This technology is optimized for the power generation, storage, and energy consumption of the microgrid system. The established system includes several functional sub-systems, such as solar power forecasting, electric energy optimization control, demand management, microgrid fault detection and protection, grid-connected active and reactive power control, islanding voltage and frequency control, synchronization detection and control for grid-reconnection, and power quality monitoring.
Scientific Breakthrough
At present, the domestic and foreign technologies rarely have system planning and optimal energy management that integrate power generation, energy storage, energy consumption, and provide operational functions such as islanding, grid connection, power regulation, fault detection, and power quality analysis. This technology have achieved cross-field integration development by combining microgrid system energy information and communication integration, power flow control, power electronics converter modules, and power regulation.
Industrial Applicability
This technology has been implemented in the green energy container house microgrid system in National Central University. At present, there is no intelligent control and optimal management technology in the commercial power management system, so this technical achievement has the competitive advantage and can enhance the system efficiency and operation stability. This technology can be applied to domestic power and energy-related fields. The estimated annual output value of energy storage-related industries is about 35 billion US dollars in this year.
Keyword microgrid intelligent energy management power regulation solar power forecasting demand management microgrid fault detection and protection grid-connected active and reactive power control islanding voltage and frequency control synchronization detection and control for grid-rec power quality monitoring
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