Technical Name A Secure IoT Communication Technique with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Scheme
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 林輝堂/鄭光偉
This work presents a low powersecure IoT communication scheme. A physical unclonable function (PUF) based mutual authentication scheme in conjunction with a trusted third party (TTP),the low power transceiver with secure wake-up mechanism are integrated for networkhardware security thereby enabling to extend the battery lifetimeensuring reliability for the IoT systems.
Scientific Breakthrough
The trust among the nodes for security,to the factory for secure services, can be ensured by the proposed PUF based mutual authentication scheme in conjunction with a TTP. The wake-up receiver is also proposed with one-time wake-up pattern for security. The envelope detection topology with frequency/phase discriminatorthe high quality factor inductor is used for low power consumption.
Industrial Applicability
IoT products are becoming popular, but there are some concerns. E.g., the products of wearable devices, which requires small sizecontains personal information, make a big concern about energysecurity issues. The proposed   techniques can integrate with current products well. Extended battery lifetimeensured security will be the great promoter for the progress of the IoT industry.
Keyword Low power consumption high security IoT wireless sensor network wake-up receiver OOK/FSK/PSK modulation one-time wake-up pattern physical unclonable function trusted third party ID authentication
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