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  • 未來口罩:有人情味的AI智慧表情技術
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  • National Tsing Hua University
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  • AIoT&智慧應用 AIoT & Smart Applications
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  • 梁舜勛
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  • hanniballiang@gmail.com
Technical Description Although masks protect us from COVID-19, they cover a substantial portion of the face,eliminates important facial expressions during communications. EmoMask is a human-AI collaborative mask that mediates these interactions in mask-wearing environments through emotion-aware sensorsAI algorithms, which works with humans to create facial expressions. The EmoMask system identifiesdifferentiates expressions using TinyML-based AI algorithm,conducts real-time classificationsregressions to create matching facial expressions during a communication while faces are covered.
Scientific Breakthrough \"1.Enabling human touch: pastcurrent medical masks have “masked” facial expressions, resulting in communication gaps. Sociabilityexpression are the core of EmoMask, the mask of the future that not only protects us from the virus, but also express human emotion.2.Customizing real-time interaction: EmoMask’s emotion-aware AI allows synchronized real-time interactions with other humans. 3.Rechargeable conductive fabric,energy efficient light-weight components allow EmoMask to perform our functions at 106g, a 44 reduction from the industry average 189g.\"
Industrial Applicability There is estimated 73000 medical staff, 95000 workers in US. Each day, 168990 individuals on average need to have conversations over masks. The coronavirus will co-exist with human in the post-pandemic era. Masks will become routine. Mask usage have increased 21,068 since 2019,58.5 billion masks were used in the US in 2020. EmoMask can be applicable not only in health care industry, but also in factories, restaurants,places where mask-wearing is required while communication is necessary for effective work. EmoMask also benefits Olympic Gamespublic gatherings for interactivity