• Technical Name
  • Three-dimensional mask
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  • Kao Yuan University
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  • 黃桂星
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  • si0061@cc.kyu.edu.tw
Technical Description A special mask, suitable for wearing on the head of the human body, cover your mouth and nose. There is a special filter between the mask body and the human body. Increase filter bacteria and viruses, the user can apply soothing elixir to the partition, it is an improved gas mask that can be used universally.
Scientific Breakthrough The nose bridge is ergonomically designed to fit the face tightly, making it difficult to fog. The horizontal design under the nostrils is more effective in blocking viral bacteria. Coupled with splashing water treatment, it can easily block flying dust. The middle layer is a melt-spray layer netting technology, which has the effect of electrostatic filtering function and absorbs the attached nano virus. The inner layer is sprayed with TTA medical-grade nanocomposite, which has been tested and can effectively inhibit viral bacteria. The appearance of the soft lanyard design can be worn for a long time, no burden, no bad breath, and can prevent lipstick stains.
Industrial Applicability This mask is suitable for personnel in the medical system and dangerous working groups. In addition to the elaborate design of the mask, plus medical-grade TTA nanocomposite, it can effectively block viral bacteria.