• Technical Name
  • Triple Blades- Flybarless Main Rotor Head Complete System
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  • Lunghwa University of Science & Technology
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  • 邱冠舜
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  • kevinchiu@msn.com
Technical Description This flybarless main rotor head system contains 3-blade grips, 1 center hub, 3 push rods, direction control linkage, and swash plate.
Scientific Breakthrough The first Turbine R/C helicopter in Taiwan with Triple Blades- Flybarless Main Rotor Head Complete System.
This flybarless Triple blades main rotor head system is made with 7075 aero aluminum alloy via Four-axis machining.
The rigidity is the best in the remote control helicopter market.
The determination is good enough to fly 1,200 mm main blades.
Industrial Applicability To increase the stability for hovering, flying & weight lifting.
To enhance the agility for a RC helicopter to either increase or decrease flying altitude.
To improve the precision for maneuvers.