Technical Name 人工智能十二導程心電圖偵測心衰竭
Project Host 郭昶甫
This Artificial Intelligence model interprets 12-lead electrocardiograms of adults to diagnose heart failure accuratelyefficiently. It is a fabulous heart failure screening tool that can detect more asymptomatic patients.  Our goal is to help patients get early treatmentprevent disease deterioration.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"Our AI product detects subtle patternsdiagnoses LVSD. Chang Gung medical AI center is one of the few research centers to have an enormous amount of ECG data. Our product uses 124,519 ECG data. Whereas the Mayo clinic only uses 44,959 ECG data. 
Our result outperforms other international research teams. Our result shows a sensitivity of 0.87, specificity of 0.87, AUROC of 0.93,accuracy of 0.86. Whereas the Mayo Clinic research team’s result shows a sensitivity of 0.86, specificity of 0.86, AUROC of 0.93,accuracy of 0.86."
Industrial Applicability
"This product has a complete solution. We constructed a cloud-based platform. 
   Our target customers include hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers,insurance companies. We also plan to cooperate with the University of Michigan HospitalUK Biobank for external data validation to push the product out to the world.  
  We have also developed other great products, including using AI to predict atrial fibrillationaccessing 1-year mortality risk. In the future, we are going to develop a 1-lead ECG algorithm to satisfy different clinical scenarios."
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