Technical Name 平衡功能低下與眩暈患者動態評估暨復健系統及其應用方法
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 高崇蘭
The present technique provides a dynamic assessmentrehabilitation system for balance hypofunctionvertigo patients clinically. This development comprises four subsystems. The sensing subsystems were installed to measure the motions of the subjectsto convert those signals to interact with the control system. Furthermore, in the sensing subsystem, an inertial measurement unitan image module were used to observe posturemovement during the experiment. On the top of the frame of the platform, a monitor was used to implement the locomotionvisual acuity test.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"Compared to the current productsdevelopments in the market, this technology is a platform designed through the results of competitive analyses accumulated over a long period,thus has been developed to improve on the weaknesses of existing products in various aspects. The key featuresthe technological superiority of the development are listed as follows:
1. Long-termsufficient clinical experience base
2.Complete competitive analysisimprovement
3.Modular sensor design
4. Comprehensive balance function evaluation
5. Auto-followinginteractive technology"
Industrial Applicability
"This technology has been testedvalidated in clinical sites of Taipei Veterans General HospitalYangMing ChiaoTung U,can be applied to the following areas:
1. Balancevestibular function assessmentrehabilitation training for patients with balance dysfunction in rehabilitation institutions,big data intelligence analysis
2. Fall risk measurementexercise for senior citizens in long-term care institutions, so that seniors can compete with each otherincrease their motivation to exercise
3. Balance monitoringexercise guidance for patients in home telehealth"
Matching Needs
Keyword Balance rehabilitation system Balance function Vestibular function Fall prevention Motion capture Gait analysis Falling assessment Tele-rehabilitation Dizziness Auto-following
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