Technical Name 腎纖維化剋星 - NSC828779 候選藥物開發
Project Operator National Defense Meical Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Project Host 賈淑敏
We have successfully synthesized NSC828779, a new salicylanilide derivative,demonstrated that this new compound bears high efficiencylow toxicity on: [1] inhibiting renal fibrosismononuclear leukocytes infiltration[2] inhibiting IL-36α signaling, on renal fibrosis in a mouse renal fibrosis model. Importantly, we also owned [1] three approved material patents (US 8975255 B2 US 9162993 B2 I454445, Taiwan) [2] two indication patents [US 17/308,67, USPTO, USA,T2393-TW, NDMC, Taiwan, submitted) under review [3] technology transfer to Encommelt Medical Sciences llc.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
We successfully synthesized NSC828779, a salicylanilide derivative (U.S. patents with US 8975255 B2US 9162993 B2). Treatment with NSC828779 improved renal lesions, as demonstrated by dramatically reduced severity of renal inflammationfibrosisdecreased urinary cytokine levels in UUO mice. NSC828779 specifically inhibits the IL-36α/NLRP3 inflammasome pathway. Based on these results, NSC828779 is justified as a new drug candidate for treating renal progressive inflammationfibrosis.
Industrial Applicability
NSC828779 as a promising new drug candidate will be prioritized to develop as a non -steroid drug for treating chronic kidney disease, especially diffuse renal fibrosis, the latter is a hallmark for end-stage renal diseaseuremia. As soon as this small molecule is established as a new drug, it will be used to treat chronic kidney disease patients, including prevention from progression to end-stage renal diseaseuremia.
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Keyword NSC828779 Salicylanilide derivative Tubulointerstitial lesions Uremia Renal fibrosis IL-36 Mechanically induced constant pressure model NLRP3 inflammasome
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