Technical Name 可攜式高質量精準質譜儀
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 王亦生
Our portable mass spectrometer is the first miniature high resolution high mass range mass spectrometer in the world, breaking through the bottle neck of conventional instruments to offer competitive performance to the commercial counterparts,performs even better in high mass range. This instrument has been successfully applied to microbial identificationhelped with samples which are difficult to detect in conventional instruments, exhibiting the advantage of precision analysis.
Scientific Breakthrough
The high-resolution linear TOF mass spectrometer is designed using the comprehensive calculation model pioneered by our group. Big data analysis reveals true optimal conditions of TOF instruments. The key advancements here are the new ion source dimensions, electric field,precise timing control. It overcomes the limitation in conventional designs that higher spectral resolution is available only with long mass analyzers. We have achieved high resolution with optimized short analyzers. The instrument offers better sensitivityresolution in high mass range due to low ion loss.
Industrial Applicability
Mass spectrometry is indispensable in analytical science with fast growing global demand. Small size, low cost, sensitive,high resolution are potentials of our instrument to replace its conventional counterparts. The wide mass rangeportability could help to develop various applicationsresearch topics. We plan to commercialize this designto promote its applications in clinical identification, pharmaceutical development, food safety,material analysis, including the screening test of bacterial pneumonia.
Matching Needs
Keyword Mass spectrometry Time-of-flight mass spectrometer Portable instruments Miniature instruments Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization Microbial identification Biological analysis Chemical analysis In situ analysis Detection
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