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  • 自驅動感知系統於智慧醫療及環境分析之應用
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  • Frontier Research Center on FundamentalApplied Sciences of Matters, National Tsing Hua University
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  • 跨域整合專區
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  • 林宗宏
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  • linzh@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Technical Description The self-powered sensing system realizes self-powered wireless wearable pressure sensing modules, self-powered intelligent environment sensing robots,self-powered smart window, which can carry out self-powered sensing signals combined with the transmission of the Internet of Things. Functions such as medical monitoring aidsautomated environmental quality sensing. In the future, this system opens a window towards automatic monitoring of environmental analysispersonal smart healthcare.
Scientific Breakthrough In our self-powered sensing system, it includes a wearable multi-channel signal measurement systema real-time monitoring interface for wireless transmission of signals. For patients with postoperative tracking needs, it provides a personal detection device with good durabilityhigh reliability. In addition, optimizing the machine performance of the system can also realize the automatic detection of mercury ions in the environmental water.
Industrial Applicability In terms of smart medical care, self-powered sensing system can provide long-term monitoring functions for patients in major hospitals, care centersintensive care wards In terms of environmental analysis, for reservoirsriversother places, it is expected that self-powered sensing robots can do real-time water detection. Moreover, in terms of sensors, due to the simple manufacturing processlow cost, it has a comparative advantage for mass production in the future industry.