Technical Name Energy-savingcarbon-reducing multifunctional bionic self-powered bicycle system
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 林宗宏
Our team combines the characteristics of snake scales with TENG technology to develop a bionic self-powered bicycle system, which includes multiple LEDs (light emitting diodes) warning subsystemssmart seat cushion with multiple pressure sensing units. Through the various structural designs based on contact electrificationelectrostatic induction principles, our techniques can become one of the potential emerging green energy sources. And by converting various mechanical energy in the environment into electrical output, it can directly drive various electronic productsbe used as various self-powered sensors for IOT (internet of things) applications.
Scientific Breakthrough
Inspired by snakes, our team developed a composite film material that improves the wear resistance of TENG by imitating the serrated microstructure of snake scalescomposing keratin, which can be used to drive the night warning system of bicyclesimprove riding safety. At the same time, a TENG-based multipoint pressure sensing system is configured on the seat cushion to monitor the rider's applying forcecenter of gravity changes in real time. After analyzing the data, it can assist in finding out suitable movements for the rider, thereby improving riding performance and/or avoiding sports injuries.
Industrial Applicability
Our technique has advantages for mass productionmaintenance due to the reduction of labor cost required for recyclingregular battery replacement, while the devices manufacturing processrequired equipment are not complicated,materials are easy to obtain. With the continuous measurement through the wireless Bluetooth system, it can be combined with sports scienceapplied to sports industry to help cyclistsimprove their riding performance. In addition, because the cost of devices is lowerthe durability is much higher than that of other commercially available pressure sensors, it is also suitable for the general public to monitor daily sport signals, making sport to play an important role in our life.
Keyword Energy-saving Carbon-reducing Green energy Renewable resources Multifunctional Bionic Self-powered Triboelectric Nanogenerator Sports technology Internet of Things
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