• Technical Name
  • High-sensitivity Multiple Multi-axis Flex Sensors
  • Operator
  • National Chiao Tung University
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  • Online display only
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  • 朱英豪
  • Email
  • hiha0505@gmail.com
Technical Description In the ear of IoT, due to the demand on wearableflexible devices, our group develop a new simple heterostructure for flex-sensors. The key features of our sensors are: 1. Multiple sensitivity, 2. Multi-axis detection, 3. Environmental stability. Such a component shows a great potential for the applications of VRsmart medical devices.
Scientific Breakthrough Our new technology is an extension of MICAtronics, a new platform for transparent flexible electronics. In this show, we will show new types of flex sensors. Our solution shows promising features of reducing the cost, high sensitivity, multiplemulti-axis measurements. Such a technology delivers new possibilities of flex sensors to develop new applications in wearable devices, robots,IoT.
Industrial Applicability The flex sensor we developed can be used for detection of any flex-motion. It shows a great potential to be integrated in smart gloves for VRsmart medical applications.