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  • UV-resistant Self-healing Emulsion Glass as a New Liquid-like Solid Material for 3D Printing
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  • National Central University
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  • Smart machinerynovel materials
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  • 因敏綸
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  • yinsb523@ncu.edu.tw
Technical Description Directly writing 3D structures into supporting mediums is a relatively new developing technology. The liquid-like solid (LLS) materials are developed as supporting mediums, that possesses the self-healing ability and tunable yield stress. Because the components of this emulsion glass are mostly water and oil, it exhibits chemical stability when exposed to UV radiation and high temperature. Based on the above features, this emulsion glass can be regarded as a new kind of LLS material for supporting mediums.
Scientific Breakthrough In this work, durable and recyclable liquid-like solid (LLS) materials are developed as supporting mediums that are stable for both UV-thermal-solidification. Its elastic nature emerges from the jammed structure of oil droplets, offers this LLS material rapidly self-healing ability. The capability of the emulsion glass as supporting mediums is successfully demonstrated by directly writing and then curing designed structures.
Industrial Applicability Embedded 3D printing is a emerging technology. Supporting mediums have been applied to 3D-photopolymerization and the production of PDMS elastomer and liquid metal. After writing, the whole system including written inks and supporting medium is exposed to UV or high temperature for a while to obtain a solid structure. If the medium is degraded before solidification, the written structure will sag apart due to the failure of the elastic solid-like support. To prevent the occurrence of this scenario, the LLS material must exhibit good thermal and UV stabilities. The emulsion glass has been repeatedly used at least 6 times upon exposure to UV irradiation and heat, implying it can expand the applications of supporting medium to the writing process involving UV- and thermal-curable inks.