• Technical Name
  • Air-stable luminescent organic-inorganic perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composites
  • Operator
  • National Taiwan Normal University
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  • Smart machinerynovel materials
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  • 趙宇強
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  • ycchao@ntnu.edu.tw
Technical Description The technology realizes a perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite material, which has extremely high stability at room temperaturehigh temperature. It can be used for 3D printing, shaped into fluorescent microfilaments,can also be used for white light-emitting diodes. The application of this air-stabile perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite material in the 3D printing industry, texti
Scientific Breakthrough The instability of perovskite materials in the air is a great stumbling block in its application. The contribution of this technology lies in the realization of a perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite, which has a high stability in the air at room temperature. It can also emit light even if it is placed in boiling water. Compared with the stability generally available in the world, this composi
Industrial Applicability The technology realizes a perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composite, which not shows high stability in room temperature air. It can also emits light after putting in boiling water for more than 10 minutes. After reforming the composite material into a linear wire, it can be used for 3D printing to prepare the desired patternsobjects. This technology also uses this composite material to prepare