Technical Name Process For Forming A Metal Pattern On A Substrate
Project Operator Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defence University
Project Host
The catalyst can make as a catalyst for electroless depositing technique due to the size is about 5~8 nm and present good catalytic activation. The catalytic pattern can print accurately on substrate by the inkjet printing. Then, the catalytic pattern can form metallic pattern by electroless depositing process.
Scientific Breakthrough
The nano-precious metal particles are reduced from the polystyrene oligomer without adding any reducing agent. Nano-precious metal particles are stably dispersed in an aqueous solution as a special jet printing catalyst ink. The catalyst ink is controlled by the computer and drawing software. Different circuit patterns can be designed by using the printing technology. The nano-precious metal composite material is printed on various non-conductive substrates. The nano-precious metal particles are about 5~8 nm and has a special catalytic activity, can be used as a metalized nanocatalyst. Metal wires were further prepared by electroless plating. This method allows metal wires and patterns to be fabricated on a variety of substrates quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Industrial Applicability
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