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  • High Entropy Alloy Resistive Thin Film
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Technical Description NiCrMnYLn resistive film was prepared using DC magnetron sputtering. The film annealed at 300 ℃ shows an amorphous,TCR +/-25 ppm/℃ with a resistivity of 1700~1900 μΩ-cm.
Scientific Breakthrough Thin film resistor alloy (five-element high-entropy alloy) introduction: a thin film resistor with high-entropy alloy (five-element) contains: 38-60 nickel, 10-25 chromium, 3 ~10 manganese, 4-18 bismuth1-36 lanthanide. This thin film alloy can greatly increase the resistivity with low temperature coefficient of resistance.
Industrial Applicability The annual production of thin film resistors is less than that of thick film resistors. However, the price of thin film resistor is higher than thick film resistor. According to the total output value calculated, the thin film resistor market should not be neglected. This technology can enhance the competition of thin film resistor.