Technical Name Compact Ionospheric Probe
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 趙吉光
Compact Ionospheric Probe (CIP) is an all-in-one plasma sensor to optimizely install on CubeSat platform with sampling rate up to 1,024 S/s to measure ionospheric plasma concentrations, velocities,temperatures over a wide range of spatial scales in a time-sharing way.
Scientific Breakthrough
CIP is the finest science payload (400 g0.7 U) to in-situ measure ionospheric plasma density irregularities.  It is capable of measuring complete properties of ionospheric plasmamonitoring plasma irregularities to cause space communicationnavigation outage.  It will be installed on the INSPIRESat, IDEASSat, SCION CubeSathas been verified on FORMOSAT-5 satellite.
Industrial Applicability
Ionospheric plasma density irregularities cause disruption of global communication satellite network (SpaceX, OneWeb, Telesat, Amazon)navigation outage of autopilot cars (TeslaGoogle)airplanes (BoeingAirbus).  It is definitely important to deploy CIP constellation to monitor global communicationnavigation security.
Keyword Compact Ionospheric Probe Advanced Ionospheric Probe CubeSat FORMOSAT-5 Science Payload Ionosphere Plasma Irregularity Space Science Satellite CubeSat
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