Technical Name Baseball finger force sensingwireless transmission device with time-series big data analysis system
Project Operator Yuan Ze University
Project Host 施皇嘉
  This pressure-detection smart baseball obtains applied force, dynamicinertial features of pitcher during pitching. Through the connection between wireless moduleterminal, data will be transferredprovides vibration as a pitching signal. Also, precise adjustment is achievable through back-end analysiscustomized training formulation, which enhances pitching ability, optimizes training,improves pitcher's condition assessment.
Scientific Breakthrough
    Due to the underdeveloped 3D pressure detection technologydifficulties in baseball pressure sensor installation, the available equipment for measuring finger pressure is rare in localforeign market. This technology can instantly capture finger pressure while analyzing pitchers control of the ball, providing instant correction for pitchers performance.
Industrial Applicability
  The main business opportunity of this technology is its customizability. Through Big Data analysiscustomized training from professional coach, data obtained from the pitching can improve pitching ability. This technology can be integrated with various relevant sports training,has great potential in both applicationbusiness opportunity when integrated with 3D pressure detection, I
Keyword Artificial Intelligence IoT 3D pressure detection Smart baseball Pressure distribution Smart analysis system finger pressure gripping force Precise sports Precise training
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