Technical Name 棒球投手疲乏回饋之虛擬實境系統
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 徐瑋勵
The pitching data collected by the motion analysis system was imported into the virtual reality system. In our system, players can see their 3D pitching motionknow the difference between normalfatigue data.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Currently, there is no commercial equipment that can be used as a device to detect whether the baseball pitchers were fatiguednot. The coach could only judge whether the player was fatigued based on their pitching performance, such as the ball speedaccuracy. Therefore, this system can use a more accurate value to know whether the player was fatiguednot.
Industrial Applicability
Due to the repetitive energy consumed during exercise, fatigue after exercise will affect the players’ physical function,the change of its physical function will be reflected in their postural controlperformance. Understanding the mechanism of baseball player’s fatigueits impact on performance,exploring the relationship between muscle fatiguemotor control are important.
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