Technical Name Virtual reality skateboarding training system
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 徐瑋勵
This invention combines VRskateboard movements to enhance rehabilitation for individuals with balance impairments. It integrates skateboard training with a dual-belt treadmill, incorporating VR scenes with varied road frictionrandom obstacles. Sensors monitor leg movement speedskateboard direction, adjusting the virtual scene's parameters. This technology offers personalized training with adjustable difficulty levels, supported by experimental data in top international journals.
Scientific Breakthrough
This patented invention utilizes a training system that combines skateboard movementsunilateral leg exercises to improve muscle imbalancesaid in post-injury rehabilitation. It enhances coordination in patients with balance disorders. Through the incorporation of virtual reality scenesobstacles, it elevates the training difficulty to improve balance, core muscle endurance,overall quality of life. The invention's clinical trial data has been published in international journals.
Industrial Applicability
For rehabilitation, this system utilizes the principles of virtual reality devicesskateboard training to assist patients with balance disorders in healthcare centers. It can also be integrated with IoT5G technologies to develop remote rehabilitation systems, expanding its application to long-term care facilitieshome settings. In terms of VR fields, this invention is backed by patentsinternational journal recognition. It provides a new approach for VR rehabilitation.
Keyword Virtual reality Skateboard Balance impairment Motion analysis Gait Degenerative lumbar spine disease Low back pain Joint replacement Fitness Treadmill
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