Technical Name All-Paper-Based Moisture-Powered Battery
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 葉禮賢
The all-paper-based moisture-powered battery technology is a new type of clean generation device that can spontaneously generate continuous electricity by adsorbing water from ambient environment. By harnessing the capillary actionevaporation within the exploited membrane, it drives the rapid movement of water moleculesabundant counterions, resulting in high voltage, high current,long-lasting output of sustainable energy.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology enables efficientlong-lasting power generation from "day to night""deserts to rainforests." In operation, it only requires exposing the membrane in the ambient air. The designed membrane can spontaneously absorb moisture from ambient,utilize capillary actionevaporation phenomena to drive the transport of water moleculescounterions, achieving high voltage ( 0.55 V), high current (50 μA),ultra-long-lasting output (12 days) in DC power generation.
Industrial Applicability
The invented device has the following merits: (1) easy preparation, (2) low cost, (3) lightweight, (4) long-lastingefficient power output,(5) environmental friendliness without pollution. It enables innovative "moisture-to-electricity" self-powered operation from any environment, representing a future "black technology." Therefore, the team assesses that it has explosive development potential in wearable electronic productsself-powered sensing devices.
Keyword Electrokinetic energy Green energy Humidity air-enabled power generation Self-powered system Metal-organic framework 2D material Membrane High current High voltage Long lasting
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