Technical Name Developing hybrid type of photoelectrochromic devices with ultrafast-response for self-powered smart window
Project Operator National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Project Host 葉旻鑫
In recent years, the rapid development of green energy technology, such as alternative energies and energy-saving technics, has attracted much attention in Taiwan. Hybrid type of photoelectrochromic devices (H-PECDs) with an ultrafast response and high photocoloration efficiency was developed to realize self-powered smart energy-saving windows for sustainable green building. By introducing the dye-sensitized photoelectrode into the system of electrochromic device, the light energy can be directly converted into electrical energy to conduct the electrochromic material for coloring reaction. In this research, it is the first time to design a photoelectrode with partially covered cathodic electrochromic polymer to realize the function of photoelectrochromic device.  The structural design allows photoelectrons to be directly injected into the conductive polymer to cause coloring reaction, which greatly improves the response time and photocoloration efficiency (PhCE) of the H-PECD.
Scientific Breakthrough
Traditional PECD still cannot achieve a similar level of high optical contrast and fast response time as the electrochromic device by the limitation of structural differences. Therefore, in order to further solve the above issues, this research developed a hybrid type of PECD with the brand new working mechanism of coloring and bleaching reaction to significantly reduce the response time within a few seconds.
Industrial Applicability
Dye-sensitized solar cell is a solar energy harvester with advantages of the simple manufacturing process and low cost. By combining the concept of electrochromism, a self-powered system can be developed. Because the two systems have their limitations, it is quite challenging to commercialize and apply them. This research overcoming the shortcomings in performance, it is expected to be applied to self-driven smart windows, anti-glare car mirrors, electronic displays and electronic paper, which may be a solution to solve energy shortages of green energy.
Keyword Self-powered systems Green Building Energy-saving Smart windows Photoelectrochromic devices (PECDs) Electrochromic devices (ECDs) Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) Conductive polymers Ultrafast response Electrochromic materials
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