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  • 水產深加工與副產物高值化利用整合創新技術
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  • National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
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  • 精準健康(生技&新藥) Precision Health(Biotech & New Drug Development)
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  • 黃光廷
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  • h8563292000@gmail.com
Technical Description Two parts in this integrated creative invention: deep processing for frozen aquatic meal productshigh-valued utilization for byproducts. The deep processing technology for fish meal is the commodities without thawingwashing process while cooking. The technology also can remove fishy smells. Byproducts are full of rich nutrition but usually were used as animal feeding food, sold by low prices,evenly discarded. This technology is developed to extract nutrition factors in fish bone/scales by using an autoclave system with a series of heatingpressure procedures.
Scientific Breakthrough Unlike domesticforeign frozen meals with a thawing guidelinespecification, the commodity features are physical methods that can be direct cooking without thawing process,less fishy smellsfeatures of safety, health, convenience,delicious are retained. Cooking can be done within 10 mins without seasoning additives highly suitable for those such as surgery, confinement,people during epidemic Covid-19 isolation. Unlike chemicalcompound calcium in the domesticforeign market, the powdered technology is physical method with high cost effectiveness.
Industrial Applicability With perfectly completed divisions, aquaculture cultivation is one of the important aquaculture fisheries in Taiwan but long-termly blocked due to technical gap either in meal processingbyproducts utilization. Regarding the creative technologies, this invention demonstrates a frozen deep processing for meal productsbyproducts which suitable for most aquaculture typesmahi mahi. Since the storage limit can be up to 2 years, the critical problem of peak-load balance can be solved.