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  • 綠色製造,高效率萃取與分離器用於流動化學下游連續加工製程優化為例
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  • National Chung Hsing University
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  • 先進材料&綠能
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  • 蔣雅郁
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  • yayuchiang@nchu.edu.tw
Technical Description This proposed technique aims for solving the key challenge in the chemical, pharmaceutical,biomedical raw material industries: how to develop effectiveeconomically feasible downstream processing. We presented an integrated continuous extractionphase separation reactor, which consist of a unique helix wire to precisely control the liquid-liquid interface. It provides R&Dindustry with a complete solution at production sites to quickly screen downstream processing with different permutationscombinationsgreatly reduces time costsexpensive materials used.
Scientific Breakthrough The integrated continuous extractionphase separation reactor consists of a unique helix wire structure that acts as a supporting structure at the aqueous–organic interface. The interface is anchored firmlyclearly for continuous compound extractionthe interfacial pressure is precisely controlled by the pitches of the elastic helix wire. This is the first integrated downstream processing reactor for continuous manufacturing with such a wide operational rangeit provides a total solution for almost every aspect of overwhelming ordeals in continuous manufacturing.
Industrial Applicability The technique demonstrates prominent robustness, operability, flexibility,simple operation compared with a bench-scale extraction continuous stirred-beaker reactorother microreactors. It shows potential as a rapid screening tool for various two-phase extraction model systems. Information such as the optimization of raw material usage can be fed back to maximize the efficiency of production while reducing waste, energypollution during every manufacture. Thus pursuing the overarching goals of green chemistrysustainable -production for the next generation.