Technical Name 永續型超高性能混凝土之3D列印優化技術與製程模擬
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 洪崇展
This technology contains two important sub-technologies. The first is the development of ultra-high performance concrete composite materials, mastering the 3D printing related properties,developing printable concrete that can actually be used for printing. The second is the simulation, analysisoptimization technology of the concrete 3D printing process. The infinite element method developed by ourselves is used to simulateanalyze the concrete 3D printing process,the geometric of the object is considered to optimize the printing pathparameters.
Scientific Breakthrough
The substainable ultra-high performance concrete of this technology is the first printable concrete material developed in Taiwan, which will solve the characteristics of traditional concrete materials that are easy to crack, low strengthnot easy to stack. In addition, the concrete 3D printing processes analysisoptimization technology is the first developed in Taiwan, which can use less computing time to analyze the mechanical behavior of the 3D printing processoptimize the parameterspaths.
Industrial Applicability
This technology can not only be applied to the concrete industry, such as construction, transportation,infrastructure, but also can be extended to general livelihood products, so that Taiwan’s technologies of the concrete 3D printing can rank among the world's leading groups.
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