• Technical Name
  • AI決策輔助平台設計開發適用多種用途的仿生雙面膠帶
  • Operator
  • National Kaohsiung University
  • Booth
  • 先進材料&綠能
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  • 李筱翎
  • Email
  • siaoling.bio@gmail.com
Technical Description We use AI analysissimulation technology to produce decision-making parameters according to requirements input to designdevelop different materialspatterning technologies. The technology can quickly produce world-leading biomimetic double-sided tapes with broad applications, even in harsh environments. In addition to assisting in advanced industrial processindustrial automation for companies, the usage of the double-sided tapes combined with bionic grippers becomes a system for lifting thin plate objectseasily adheringpeeling repeatedly.
Scientific Breakthrough There has been no report on the use of interdisciplinary decision-making platforms to design biomimetic adhesion. Our team uses AIsimulation technology, combined with rapid quantification methods, adhesion image recognition,machine learning methods to analyze decisions, to develop world-leading biomimetic double-sided tapes. The tapes can be quickly customized for adhesion adjustment according to the requirements, beneficial to industrial process. Combined with prosthetic limbsgrippers, we prepare a first-ever-reported device that can turn bookslift thin plates.
Industrial Applicability This technology is to build up a decision-making assistance platform to develop world-leading biomimetic double-sided tapes. The technology has two sides in one thing: decision-making assistance platform + tape development platform = advanced biomimetic tapes. The decision-making platform can translate the user's requirements into material parameters to quickly produce customized tapes. The knowhow can be expanded to design some other materials for industries. The tape development platform can quickly adjust the manufacturing process according to the requirements, beneficial to industries.