Technical Name 智慧型纖維素水膠在農業上之應用
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 陳奕君
Taiwan faces a major water shortage crisis in 2021. Hydrogel as a commercial soil conditioner has the potential to improve soil propertiesreduce water scarcity in growing plants. This technology discovered that environmentally responsive cellulose-based hydrogels have the potential for use as soil conditionersas controlled release devices in horticultureagriculture. Waterfertilizer soil conditioners can be manufactured based on the ecological recycling process. In the future, technology can develop other carriers that require the controlled release of active ingredients.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Intelligent cellulose hydrogel is different from traditional soil conditioners. It can return to the ecological cyclebe used sustainably. This system has the following advantages: (1) The material is non-toxicbiodegradable. (2) The material can quickly absorb water in the initial stage,the water retention is better than that of the commercial products. (3) Potassium salt can be used to control its gel temperature sensitivity. (4) The material has temperaturepH-sensitive controlled release. (5) It can be applied to natural environments such as sandy soilforest soil.
Industrial Applicability
Make good use of soil conditioners for saving water. The market for soil conditioners is $1.7 billion in 2020. The compound annual growth rate is 8.2. The output value can reach 2.5 billion US dollars in 2025. At present, the market is the largest in North America, followed by EuropeAsiaSouth. The non-toxicbiodegradable plant water-retaining agent developed by this technology can respond to the climate in the future drought period. It can save the amount of fertilizer used, reduce the risk of pollution,combine the advantages of saving water, fertilizer,pesticides.
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