Technical Name 應用作物生理指標建立需水超前預警系統
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 賀端華
This technique uses Tainan 11 (TN11), which occupies about 70 of the rice planting area in Taiwan. Building the early watering warning system of crops by combining the physiological indicators of rice with environmental dataartificial intelligence technology. The system can analyzepredict the impending water shortage for rice in advanceissue drought warning immediately. Therefore, decision makers can give the timelyappropriate amount for rice irrigationimprove the efficiency of using waterreducing the cost of farmersfarming losses.
Scientific Breakthrough
Currently, there is no international benchmark to compare with our technology. The innovative value of this technology is to use heterogeneous sensors, artificial intelligenceimage recognition technology to collectanalyze crop physiological indicators,establish a crop early watering warning system. The system includes a condition filtering module for crop physiological indicators, a reasoning module for crop physiological indicators, an analysis module for interaction of crop physiological indicators,a smart watering module for crop physiological indicators.
Industrial Applicability
"1.	This technology can effectively improve the use of water resourcesapply to other high economic value crops,extends this technology to establish an early warning module for diseasepest of crops.
2.	This technology can be applied to farmers, peasant associations, contract companies, agricultural researchextension station, etc. In the future, the business model of agricultural services will be established,the technology will be extended to large areas of farmland in Southeast Asiaagricultural countries with prone to drought."
Matching Needs
Keyword Crop physiological indicator Heterologous sensor Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Data science Smart agriculture Smart farming Water warning system Rice
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