Technical Name AIoT solutions on prevention and control for infectious diseases: Temperature analytics services and platform
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 柯乃熒
The body temperature and heart rates are the important physiological parameters of infectious diseases and their adverse prognosis. Continuous monitoring of these physiological parameters by wearable devices and mathematical algorithms in a timely manner is effective to manage the potential cases. We aim to early identify the risks, which is extremely important to reduce the risks of virus spread in the indoor environment for about a day.
Scientific Breakthrough
Using wearable device continous monitoring body temperature and connect the cloud service platform, chatbot, and data analysis model to develop services on prevention and control for infectious disease.The big data analysis is conducted through the artificial intelligence algorithm, and an integrated temperature abnormality warning point algorithm is established. Through chatbots to help confirm the illness situation by sending message, even help to get medical treatment as early as possible if necessary, establish an epidemic prevention monitoring process and expand the model for ethnic groups and situations to improve the epidemic preventation service.
Industrial Applicability
Relevant technologies have attracted much attention in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many companies and governments in the fields of medical care, business continuity planning, transportation, and long-term medical care have expressed their willingness to invest and cooperate with Nightingale AI. In view of the huge impact of infectious diseases on global health and socio-economic impact, we hope to use Taiwan's successful cases to promote emerging technology integration technologies for global epidemic prevention and control, including Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc.
Keyword Body temperature continuous monitoring AI IoT prevention and control for infectious diseases COVID-19 Fever Business continuity planning Precision medicine health care wearable device
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