Technical Name 智慧魚苗生產系統
Project Operator Department of BiotechnologyBioindustry Sciences ,NCKU
Project Host 陳宗嶽
The invention focuses on the early fry culture, including algae, live-food organism, water quality control, fine image detection,automated intelligent culture technology. By connecting environmental parameter sensing equipment, fine image observation equipment, automatic feedback/delivering equipment,central intelligent learning/processing platform, an intelligent production system of aquatic fry can be completed,the big data on production parameters can be collected, optimizing breeding strategiesefficiency,increasing the breeding profitability more than 10 times.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
There is no intelligent breeding technology for fry in the world, due to the complexsubtle incubation parameters to observe, requiring complex programming operations. The invention is aimed to the production of algae, live-food organisms,fry to collect culture parameters through monitoring equipment, analyze their fine images through equipment, forms instructions after in-depth analysis of artificial intelligence,uses programmable logic controller for feedback. The equipment automatically adjusts the environment to become an intelligent production system of aquatic fry.
Industrial Applicability
Compared with the traditional breeding method, this invention can improve the breeding profitability by 10 times. The fully intelligent production of fry is suitable for most fish-breeding industries. By continuously reproducing the breeding yield, it breaks through the most difficult bottleneck of the industry chain. This module can be exported to the worldform a fully intelligent production chain with the existing intelligent equipment for adult fish farming,is helpful for the brand of Taiwan’s aquatic productincrease the output value of the export supply of aquatic fry.
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Keyword Intelligent breeding Fry Algae Life food organisms Internet of Things Micromachines Monitoring of aquaculture environment Deep learning IIntelligent computing system Big Data
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