Technical Name 可撓式滴水發電隨身電源
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 葉禮賢
Our team has developed a layer-by-layer hydrophilic membrane (LHM) as the “bendable water-enabled portable power banks”. It is bendable, cost-effective, lightweight, environmental-friendly,high-efficient. Moreover, it could achieve high-voltage (~0.8 V), high-current (~80 μA)long-lasting (4 hr) power output by dropping a few drops of DI water (or electrolyte solutions), which can be described as a "black technology" towards green clean energy.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The as-designed tree-inspired clean energy power generator could be applied from day to night,from desert to rainforest. It can generate high voltage (~0.8 V), high current (~80 μA),long-lasting ( 4 hr) power via induced capillary flowevaporation phenomena by dropping a few drops of DI water (or electrolyte solutions) on one side of the fabricated layer-by-layer hydrophilic membrane (LHM). All the power generation efficiency achieved outperforms all the relevant state-of-the-art devices. It is surely to be a “black technology” in the clean energy field.
Industrial Applicability
The "bendable water-enabled portable power banks" has advantages including: (1) easy preparation, (2) low cost, (3) light weight, (4) long-lasting,high-efficient power generation output, (5) bendable,(6) environmental-friendliness. It is a promising candidate for wearable electronic products,self-powered sensing devices, etc. Most importantly, this invention meets the requirement of “carbon neutrality” to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.
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Keyword Electrokinetic energy Clean energy Self-powered system Flexible Graphene Polyelectrolyte Membrane Water-enabled power generation High performance Long life
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