Technical Name 非病毒磁性基因傳遞技術及其細胞治療應用
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 張建文
Gene delivery technology is widely used in cell therapy, nucleic acid-based vaccines, protein production, gene therapy, etc. We have developed a non-viral gene delivery technology-MPGene, which has excellent gene delivery efficiency (50-80) for human mesenchymal stem cells,also has the characteristics of low production costhigh safety. In the future, MPGene has the potential to be used in important biomedical fields such as gene delivery reagents, major trauma cell therapy, malignant tumor treatmentcartilage cell therapy.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Compared with viral gene delivery technology, chemical materials-based reagents have the advantages of low costhigh safety. However, due to their poor efficiency, the application has not been popularized. We have successfully developed a non-viral magnetic gene delivery technology. This technology can achieve an excellent delivery efficiency of 50-80 for human mesenchymal stem cells, which greatly exceeds the performance of commercially available leading brand reagents (10-25). We are also working with clinicians to explore the applications of this technology in stem cell therapy.
Industrial Applicability
We developed MPGene, a non-viral gene delivery technology, which can effectively deliver genes into human mesenchymal stem cells,its efficiency is much better than that of commercially available leading brand reagents. MPGene has the advantages of high efficiencylow cytotoxicity. MPGene can be used in various biomedical industry applications, such as: (1) gene delivery reagents (2) gene delivery stem cells for spinal cord trauma treatment (3) gene delivery stem cells for malignant tumor treatment(4) gene delivery stem cells for cartilage repairregeneration.
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