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  • 用於光達系統擁有高單光子偵測效率和高飽和電流特性的雙層累增層設計累增崩潰光二極體
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  • Dept. of EE, National Central University
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  • 電子&光電 Electronics & Optoelectronics
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  • 許晉瑋
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  • jwshi@ee.ncu.edu.tw
Technical Description In this work, we demonstrate a dual multiplication layers In0.52Al0.48As based avalanche photodiode, which is desired for ToF lidarFMCW lidar application due to its high performances in both Geiger modelinear mode operations. By combining the specially designed mesa shape with dual M-layer structure, we can achieve high single photon detection efficiencyneat temporal characteristic of 65ps . On the other hand, we can also achieve high gain-bandwidth product ,high saturation currenthigh photo-generated RF power under 0.9 Vbr at the same time.
Scientific Breakthrough We achieve a single photon detection efficiency of 61.4neat temporal characteristic of 65ps without the involvement of afterpulsing at the gating frequency of 10 kHz for 200 K in Geiger mode operation. On the other hand, we can also achieve high gain-bandwidth product (450GHz)high saturation current (12mA) under linear mode operation. The corresponding photo-generated RF power from our APD can be as high as +6.95 dBm at a high (7 mA) output photocurrent. The demonstrated APD opens new possibilities in the receiver-end of next generation lidar.
Industrial Applicability \"LiDAR has become a crucial technology in many different areas including robots, scientific research, remote sensingmedical applications as well as in autonomous vehicle there has been tremendous progress attained over the past few years. The two most used lidar techniques which meet these requirements, involve the pulsed beam (based on the time of flight (ToF) principle)frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) approaches. The detector technology we demonstrate here can further improve the sensitivity in such two kinds of lidar systems.\"