Technical Name 毫米波大型垂直貼片式相控天線陣列與寬頻RFIC
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 唐震寰
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The proposed a novel wideband, ultra-thin,dual-polarized magneto-electric dipole antenna has a leading advantage in thickness, 0.06 λ0 vs 0.1 λ0. The proposed novel mmWave 3D double-curved air cavity patch antenna for bandwidth enhancement has a leading advantage in bandwidth, 22 vs 13. The novel wideband frequency reconfigurable switched-type phase shifter uses a switched substrate-shield inductor to maintain low amplitude (1 dB)phase (10º) variations in wideband operation. The proposed phase shifter has a leading advantage in operation bandwidth, 11 GHz vs 4 GHz.
Industrial Applicability
(a) A multi-function mmWave RFIC integration technology has been developedreduces the cost of mmWave RFIC automatic test equipment solutions. This joint project has been funded with 4,400,000 NTD by the MOST (b) This project has successfully developed a wideband tile-based phased array antenna. We currently work with ITRI to jointly develop a solution of satellite payload antenna array with a funding size of 800,000 NTD. (c) A novel mmWave 3D double-curved air cavity patch antenna has been realized through an industry-academic joint project with PCB manufacturer.
Matching Needs
Keyword mmWave RFIC Wideband antenna Tile-based phased array Antenna in package 3D Double Curved Air cavity patch antenna Ultra-thin antenna ME-dipole Switched-type phase shifter RFIC automatic test equipment solutions
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