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  • 光微流體敗血症快篩平台
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  • National Chung Cheng University
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  • 精準健康(醫材&防疫科技) Precision Health(Medical Device & Pandemic Prevention)
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  • 張國恩
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  • imegec@ccu.edu.tw
Technical Description The proposed technology employed gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) to enhance the sensitivity to achieve PCT rapid detection. The fabricated sensors comprise of suspended glass planar waveguides on glass substratesare integrated with microfluidic channels without vacuum-less processes. The results show good performance with a LOD of 0.871 fg/ml for PCT detection modified. The fabricated sensors show very promising results with a high throughput, enabling mass production for rapidsensitive bio-detectionalso fulfils POCT requirements.
Scientific Breakthrough Achieving lower diagnosis time is the breakthrough innovation in field of biosesing for Sepsis diagnosis as current clinical treatment takes 3 to 12 hrs for completing the quantification of inflammatory factors, leading to a extremely low survival rate. Hence, prompt begin of antibiotic therapy with suitable antibiotics can increase the survival rate . Here, our proposed technology can detects PCT in very low time (=15 min) with a LOD of 0.871 fg/ml, with a low chip cost of 1 USD. Also, the proposed sensor is fabricated through lithography less technique for mass producibility.
Industrial Applicability Our technology is a miniaturized device which involves the combination of opticsmicrofluidics onto the same platform, which offers great potential in biochemical detection including fast operation, cost-effective, simultaneous quantificationsmall reagent requirement for broad range of applications in chemical analysis, biomedical research, clinical applications, environmental monitoringfood safety. Another remarkable benefit of the proposed technology is that it fulfils the POCT requirements as the detection time is less than 15 minutes.