Technical Name 新世代輕量高性能異構組織中熵合金
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 鄭憲清
Novel alloys are  composed of five special technologies (1)Development of CALPHAD phase diagram for medium entropy alloys(2)Development of novel lightweight Ti-rich medium entropy alloys with high strengthhigh ductility (YS 950 MPa, TS 1200 MPaEL 30)(3)Heterogeneous structures obtained by the thermomechanical treatment an rapid annealing treatment(4)Tailoring the heterogeneous structures to enhance the mechanical properties (YS 1240 MPa, TS 1510 MPa, 250 MPa·cm3/ga nd EL 25)(5)Commercial productions are produced by these large dimension alloys for further industrial application.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
We design a novel non-equiatomic Ti-rich medium entropy alloys by CALPHAD. Cast Ti-65 alloys demonstrate tensile yield strength of 950 MPaductility of 30. Heterogeneous structured Ti-65 alloys demonstrate extraordinary tensile properties (YS: 1240, TS: 1510MPa, EL: 25). Some of outstanding hetero-structured works in world class journals reached the specific strength of 144 MPa·cm3/g, ductility of 25 (Science)254 MPa·cm3/g, 13 (Science).This novel lightweight heterogeneous structured Ti-65 alloy possesses ultra-high specific strength of 247 MPa·cm3/g a excellent ductility of 25.
Industrial Applicability
Lightweight materials with high strengthductility are the goals for industrial application. This novel lightweight (5 g/cm3) heterogeneous structured Ti-65 alloy possesses ultra-high specific strength of 247 MPa·cm3/gductility of 25. The extraordinary properties of this alloy undoubtedly dominate lightweight materials community.We produced the large dimension Ti-65 ingotsface of club head in cooperation with Fusheng to demonstrate the promising potential on commercial commodities. This work will focus on the aerospace areas, transportationhigh additional valued products.
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Keyword High entropy alloys Medium entropy alloys Thermomechanical treatment Heterogeneous structure Lightweight materials Titanium alloys Mechanical property CALPHAD Non-euqiatomic Ultra-high specific strength
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