Technical Name 以電紡技術固定化酵素製備時間溫度感應器的製作方法
Project Operator National Ilan University
Project Host 陳輝煌
The time-temperature indicator (TTI) developed by immobilizing laccase on electrospun fiber film with high specific surface area. The activation energycoloration of laccase TTI can be adjusted by pHaddition level of laccaseNaN3. This TTI exhibits high accuracy, stability, temperature reversibilitylow cost. The intelligent food packaging developed by this TTI can reduce the food wastethe food safety risk in traditional packaged foods.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The high specific area of electrospun nanofibers reduced laccase dosage to lower the TTI costto increase stability. The NaN3 addition can adjust TTI coloration endpointcan be customized according to user needs. The coloration hysteresis can improve its commercial viability by alleviating the problem of the color early appear in TTI which cause the less willing to purchase a product.
Industrial Applicability
The low cost TTI, which can be customized according to user needs, shows a noticeable color deepening only near the coloration endpoint which indicated the quality deterioration critical point. This feature improves the commercial viability of TTI. It can also monitor the food quality change in cold chain,accurately estimate the food deterioration pointhelps to reduce the wasted foodfood safety risk.
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Keyword time-temperature indicator laccase immobilization electrospin intelligent packaging nanofiber sodium azide food quality food safety cold chain
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