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  • 預防早產之非侵入性安胎子宮頸套環組
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  • 精準健康(醫材&防疫科技) Precision Health(Medical Device & Pandemic Prevention)
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  • 鄭博仁
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  • pjcheng@cgmh.org.tw
Technical Description Despite the progress of medical technology, recurrent pregnancy losspremature birth are still a vast problem. One of the main reasons for these complications is cervical insufficiency. Although cervical cerclage is considered to be the standard method for preventing premature birth, it is an invasive procedure that requires anesthesiasurgical techniques, so it cannot be popularized among the pregnant population. The novel “non-invasive cervical ring” medical device has been developed to meet clinic needs for prevention of preterm labor due to cervical insufficiency.
Scientific Breakthrough Based on the principle of keeping cervical elongationclosing as traditional cervical cerclage operation, “non-invasive cervical ring” system has been designed that can effectively prevent preterm labor. The novel medical device contains a smart delivery system pushing the ring belt to clasp around the uterine cervix. General obstetricians without professional training in an outpatient officeclinic can perform the nonsurgical minimal invasive procedure within minutes. Pregnant population would more commonly accept the medical device because it avoids traditional surgical complications.
Industrial Applicability Preterm birth is the most common problem worldwide, which represents approximately 8-12 of all pregnancy. Since there is currently no successful medical device can be used to prevent preterm birth effectively, “non-invasive cervical ring” as a breakthrough has unlimited commercializing opportunities. After obtaining international patent in Taiwan, China,U.S., further clinical trials will be carried out in TaiwanAsia Pacific area during 2022 to seek regulatory approval for sales in Taiwan, China, U.S.E.U.generating an annual USD$200-million market in developed countries.