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  • 福衛七號掩星資料之大氣監測與應用
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  • National Central University
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  • AIoT&智慧應用 AIoT & Smart Applications
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  • 陳舒雅
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  • shuyachen@ncu.edu.tw
Technical Description \"NCU/GPSARC developed a 1DVAR RO data retrieval system, which retrieves the FORMOSAT-7 (FS7) RO refractivity to obtain atmospheric temperaturemoisture profiles. The high vertical resolution atmospheric soundings are comparable with radiosondes. The system is one of the components of the TROPS,it is operationally performed by CWB TACC.Based on Chen et al. (2020), we further apply the nonlocal RO operator with FS7 data in an advanced hybrid data assimilation system for the detection of tropical cyclogenesis. The processing systemdetection platform have been implemented at GPSARC.\"
Scientific Breakthrough \"The independent development of RO data processing can effectively master the key technology. The high-resolution temperaturehumidity obtained from FS7 can also provide real-time atmospheric environmental monitoring. Relying on the advantages of the advanced nonlocal operatorhybrid data assimilation, we combine both parties to simulate the tropical cyclogenesis. The technique provides a new aspect of RO applicationcan also be used as an early warning of severe weather reference.\"
Industrial Applicability The establishmentoperation of FS7 RO data processing can provide real-time RO products for weather-related industries. The RO data assimilation technique can be used as a research tool for the academicbe taken as preliminary development technology for meteorological related units. It could be applied to the operation in the future. On the other hand, the simulation of cyclogenesis by RO data assimilation can be taken as additional references for weather forecastingairsea transportations. It is also a new aspect of the industrial application of RO data.