Technical Name 一種豬瘟Erns可溶性蛋白生產純化技術及其專一性鑑別型之應用性
Project Operator Research Center for Animal Biologics, National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 莊秀琪
The technology optimizes the antigen protein expression system, so that the structural protein Erns of CFSV converts insoluble proteins into soluble proteins during the production process. The breakthrough of this technology allows the antigen protein to be applied to the development of an immune attachment screening platform, as a specialized differential diagnostic reagents can distinguish between virus-infectedvaccinated pigs, which can be applied to the monitoring system of virus transmission rangevaccination
Scientific Breakthrough
Establish the diagnostic reagent to distinguish the serum reaction of vaccine-infectedvirus-infected pigs:
1. Using the optimized Erns full-length gene from swine fever virus strain currently circulating in Taiwan
2. Expressing the complete Erns protein in E. coli system with low-cost mass production technology
3. Converts insoluble Erns protein into soluble protein
4. Optimizing the productionpurification process, high purity Erns protein can be obtained.
5. Confirm that Erns protein can distinguish the difference in immune response between vaccinevirus-infected pigs."
Industrial Applicability
The industrial applicability is as follows:
1. Reduce the cost of pig farmers to maintain pig health. 
2. High-yield protein expression system. 
3. Industrialization. 
4. The manufacturing process is simplelow pollution. 
5. High technical production 
6. The process is low-cost. 
7. Increase the income of pig farmers. 
8. Cooperate with agricultural policy promotion."
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Keyword Classical swine fever Erns protein E2 protein Escherichia coli expression system monoclonal antibody, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) subunit vaccine
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