• Technical Name
  • 整合新世代多維度空間資訊於都會區太陽能光電潛力分析
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 先進材料&綠能
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  • 李信誼
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  • sinyili@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description Our technique combines the use of LOD2TMY3 datatake metropolitan area as the case study. We demonstrated that accurate rooftop solar power potential can be approached for solar power developing evaluation by importing solar irradiation, inclination, shadow covering information based on simulated but accurate building environment. Our technique enables a scientific approach for supporting future solar energy planningdevelopments.
Scientific Breakthrough The technique is contributed by advanced building model simulationsolar irradiance data. Its result would be the background data for both publicprivate sectors to evaluate the development of solar PV system. Compared with the benchmark of applying 3D solar data, our result is presented in raster with 1m2 scaleexcludes all of the unavailable area, which is 30 to 50 of the whole area. With these two proceeding ways, solar power potential in the available place can be investigated pixel by pixel, which is easyvisual.
Industrial Applicability Our technique can be well applied in the field of industry, official, university,citizen. It is helpful for solar power related industry to evaluate the developing availability. Based on our result, government can make solar power policy evidentially. Our estimation is similar to the real power output. In the perspective of university, it would be the resource for pursuing further studies,for citizens, they can identify whether it is available to install individual solar power system on their rooftops.