• Technical Name
  • Real time wireless diagnostic system
  • Operator
  • Chang Gung Medical Foundation
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  • Precision Health Ecosystem
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  • 廖健宏
  • Email
  • surgymet@gmail.com
Technical Description \"PressureDOT team will develop the first intra-abdominal pressure monitoringlocalization micro internet device of things, to integrate into critical care vital sign monitoring systemtake care of the critical patients. This will ensure our role in the marketset up market barrier in this type of medical devices. With this platform, we can collect the continuous physical signal from c
Scientific Breakthrough The world's smallest wireless intra-abdominal pressure sensing capsule (D 10 mm, H 15 mm) can continuously measure intra-abdominal pressure (error ±0.1 mmHg). The capsule adopts advanced packaging technologyis designed with a high-efficiency antenna suitable for the body,transmits signals with extremely low acceleration. The external system receiver system uses a special antenna array
Industrial Applicability 2020 is the most important year for the development of remote digital health system,now it is necessary to find the correct direction of healthcare in the next decade. The possibility of telemedicine lies in the creation of the first equipment to implement the remote critical monitoring. Because PressureDOT is aimed at the irreplaceability of special patient groups, it just happens to be the