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  • Mass production technology of fluorinated graphene and its multi-functional applications on surface coating
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  • National Central University
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  • Smart machinerynovel materials
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  • 辛昱諭
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  • edward110533@gmail.com
Technical Description In this invention, the fluorinated graphene(FG) is obtained by the fluorination of electrochemically exfoliated graphene (ECG), which is found to be a one-step approach for the scalable preparation of FG. The precursor with fluorine atoms is mixed with the ECG followed by applying lower energy to produce the fluorinated graphene. This process demonstrates an eco-friend and safe as well as scalable features. We have demonstrated their multi-functional applications on surface coatings, including the outperformance anticorrosion passivation, hydrophobic surface with ultra-strong adhesion, and high safety energy storage device. This technology provided a new strategy for next-generation functional and atomic layered coatings.
Scientific Breakthrough This invention shows a novel, simple, and safe method to produce the fluorinated graphene(FG) with a one-step and industrial scalable approach. By using our designed F-based precursor and process conditions, the graphene can be successfully converted to FG under lower reactive energy. For the application of anti-corrosion coating, the additive of only 1 wt % FG as a filler in epoxy can achieve the highest reported anticorrosion performance (corrosion rate (CR) = 7.83x10^-8 mm/year, which is due to their excellent dispersibility, super-hydrophobicity, high electrical insulator. Also, the calculated diffusion coefficient is two orders lower than other reported work, indicating excellent corrosion inhibition.
Industrial Applicability 1. Surface self-cleaning (hydrophobic) coating with nano-scaled thickness and strong adhesion. 2. Severe anti-corrosion coating in infrastructure, such as the components of the offshore wind power.3. The high-end passivations on advanced electronics, such as the high-reliable PCB, server, and the electronic components with military regulation. 4. Surface coating for thermal management applications, including heat dissipation, two-phase heat transfer enhancement. 5. The surface modifier for enhanced performance and safety on battery